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Pigmentation Treatment in South Delhi


If someone is dealing with pigmentation on the face, they can visit Soul Derma Clinic to get an effective pigmentation treatment in South Delhi.

There is an ever increasing ‘feel good obsession’ among all. With the constant evolution of social media, the demand to look good has now become a necessity. This societal pressure and instant delight to attain beautification have led to increased focus on pigmentation on the face and its treatment.

Skin pigmentation

Skin pigmentation is the color of the pores and skin because of an extra quantity of melanin, a pigment that imparts the pores and skin, hair, and eyes their particular color.

Below we have listed types of skin pigment discolouration:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hypopigmentation
  • Depigmentation
Are you concerned about the pigmentation on your face and are looking for an effective pigmentation treatment in South Delhi?

1. Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation causes the skin and the pores to appear darker and distinctive because of an abnormally excessive quantity of melanin inside.

Hyperpigmentation may result from

  • Birthmarks
  • Age spots
  • Acne
  • Scars
  • Pregnancy
  • Addison’s disease
  • Certain pills
  • Sun exposure
  • Cryoprocedure, laser, or mild procedure

Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Before you take a plunge into any beauty procedure, it’s essential to consult with your healthcare advisor for any valuable opinion regarding underlying medical condition/s. So pick your phone and call us at 85959 41529 to avail the benefits of the most effective pigmentation treatment in Greater Kailash, South Delhi at Soul Derma.

After that, many types of hyperpigmentation treatment may be explored. Among which are:

  • Topical medicinal drugs like hydroquinone cream
  • Chemical peels
  • Derma abrasion
  • Mild or extensive laser procedure
  • Cryoprocedure

If pregnancy has brought about darker pores and skin spots, speak to your dermatologist about the options to fix them. 

Sunscreen and sun-blockading outfits are your easy-to-go saviours for skin protection and healing.

Over-the-counter and prescription lotions also help repair the pores and skin tone.

Note- At Soul Derma we offer the best pigmentation treatment in South Delhi for hyperpigmentation. To know how much does pigmentation treatment cost in South Delhi, consult our expert TODAY!!!

2. Hypopigmentation

Skin with hypopigmentation is lighter in color because of an abnormally low quantity of melanin.

Reasons for hypopigmentation include

  • Past open pores and skin insults resulting from burns, ulcers, chemical exposure, or infection
  • Inflammatory pores and skin diseases like psoriasis


If the skin damage is to a minimal extent, routine home-care under the guidance of your dermatologist is by far the best solution to correct the pores and build healthy skin.

3. Depigmentation

Depigmentation takes place when the pores and skin absolutely lose pigment and turn white.


Melasma is a type of dermatological disorder leading to skin discoloration. It generally presents in the form of brown or blue-grey patches or freckle-like spots. It is often referred to as the “masks of pregnancy.” Melasma generally occurs due to the overproduction of the cells that make the color of your pores and skin.

Treatment of Skin Discoloration

Treatment for pores and skin pigmentation or discoloration varies, depending on the cause. Certain types of pores and skin discoloration can also fade with over-the-counter medications and self-care. At the same time, a few pores and skin illnesses require ongoing checks and measures via consultation and treatment by a skilled dermatologist. Get the best pigmentation treatment in Greater Kailash at Soul Derma.

Pigmentation Treatments At Soul Derma Clinic

There are varied pigmentation treatments available depending on the type of pigmentation (hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, or depigmentation). Let’s find out about the pigmentation treatment in South Delhi provided at our centre. 

  • Topical Creams: Creams containing ingredients like kojic acid, retinoids, hydroquinone, and vitamin C are suitable for pigmentation. These ingredients inhibit melanin production and accelerate cell turnover. These substances lighten dark spots consistently with time.
    These are best for melasma, age spots, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
  • Chemical Peels: Peels are ideal for treating deeper pigmentation issues. They contain salicylic, trichloroacetic, or glycolic acids and exfoliate the skin's top layer. This promotes the growth of new cells, leading to even skin tone.
    These are apt for treating age spots and melasma, which are superficial pigmentation concerns. 
  • Dermabrasion: A rotating instrument is used to sand out the outer layer of the skin, revealing youthful, non-pigmented skin.
    An appropriate treatment procedure is needed to enhance overall skin texture and appearance. It is also suitable for deeper skin pigmentation issues. 
  • Cryotherapy: Based on the use of liquid nitrogen, cryotherapy uses extreme cold to freeze and destroy pigmented skin cells.
    Suitable for age spots or sun spots. Cryotherapy removes pigmentation by replacing the damaged skin with new, lighter skin. 
  • Laser Treatments: Lasers like Q-switched or fractional lasers are used to target excess melanin in the skin. The pigmented particles are broken down using lasers, which are later absorbed and removed by the body.
    Ideal for various pigmentations like melasma and sunspots. 
  • Light-Based Therapies: Light-based therapies like IPL, i.e., Intense Pulsed Light, utilize broad-spectrum light to target pigmented cells. When absorbed by melanin, the light breaks it down, which is then naturally removed from the body.
    An apt treatment for freckles and sun-induced pigmentation. 
  • Microneedling: Fine needles are used to form micro-injuries in the skin. This boosts collagen production and the production of new skin cells, enhancing the body’s natural healing process.
    Apt for improving skin texture and providing radiant and youthful skin. 

To avail of the benefits of this advanced pigmentation treatment in Greater Kailash, consult our expert dermatologist, Dr. Anika Goel.

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To avail the benefits of skin pigmentation treatment in Greater Kailash, please feel free to consult Dr. Anika Goel at Soul Derma Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is skin pigmentation curable?

No, any skin pigmentation irregularity is treatable but may not be curable. Certain kinds of skin pigmentation may fade with over-the-counter solutions and self-care. In contrast, others may need ongoing management with the help of a doctor for pigmentation treatment in South Delhi

What is the best treatment to get rid of my dark skin patches?

Varieties of cosmetic procedures can help improve the appearance of hyperpigmented skin, and to receive the best of them, you need to see a dermatologist. Medical treatment options include skin-lightening products, chemical peels, laser and light therapy, and microdermabrasion. 

Can pigmentation go away naturally?

Some natural at-home remedies are known to be effective for hyperpigmentation. Some of them are green tea, aloe vera gel, turmeric, soybean, rice water, grape seed oil, and pomegranate. You can also contact Soul Derma Clinic to get pigmentation treatment in South Delhi.

Is skin pigmentation genetic?

Yes, genetics is one of the leading causes of skin pigmentation. Some genes govern melanin production in the skin by predicting the number of melanocytes present in an individual. The amount of melanin production can influence the natural skin tone. 

Is skin pigmentation a disease?

Some skin diseases lead to localised or generalised hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, or depigmentation. In clinical practice, the most common skin pigmentation disorders are melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, albinism, vitiligo, and Addison’s disease.   

Is skin pigmentation permanent or temporary?

All kinds of skin pigmentation disorders are not permanent. Some types of pigmentation like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can fade out with time after the inflammation subsides and with treatment. In difference, others like vitiligo and melasma stay for a lifetime and require ongoing treatment. 

How can I prevent skin pigmentation?

Skin pigmentation disorders resulting from genetics are non-preventable. However, you can reduce your chances of developing a few kinds of skin pigmentation by practising skin protection from the sun and good skincare regime. You can also talk with a dermatologist in Soul Derma for pigmentation treatment in South Delhi.


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