Keloid Treatment in Greater Kailash, South Delhi

Do you ever glimpse any raised, swollen, sometimes red blotches on body parts? Generally, you might have thought of it as an ordinary scar lump on the earlobe. It is known as a keloid. Let’s peek at its cause, symptoms, and treatment.

Before we continue further, we must learn what keloid is.

What is a Keloid?

A keloid is evaluated as a type of lifted scar that is much more different from any naturally raised scar. Keloid bulges wider than the injury credible for the scar. It is also noted that not every scar will evolve into a keloid.
If a person is more likely to develop keloids, they might develop them in more than one place.

The keloid scar is not harmful to physical health but can result in non-objective distress. Precluding or early medication is key. How would you know that the growing scar lump is keloid or another problem? You must pay attention to the symptoms to find out whether it is a keloid.

Keloid Treatment in South Delhi: A keloid is evaluated as a type of lifted scar that is much more different from any naturally raised scar.

What Are The Symptoms Of Keloid

A keloid wound may form within months to years of the instigating injury. The Signs and symptoms of keloid may involve the underlying:

  • Thick, firm scarring, commonly occurring on the earlobes, shoulders, cheeks, or middle chest.
  • The skin will appear shiny, hairless, lumpy, and lifted skin.
  • Miscellaneous size, depending on the size of the original injury and when the keloid ceases rising.
  • It is of mixed composition, as it may range from soft to firm and rubbery.
  • It will appear reddish, brown, or purplish, confiding on the skin colour.
  • Itchiness.

If you have detected a keloid on your body or any in your neighbourhood you must get it treated by one of the fairest dermatologists Dr. Anika Goal at Soul Derma

What causes a keloid?

The Professionals of Soul Derma don’t entirely comprehend what results in keloid scars. But mostly, it’s a dysfunction of the wound-healing procedure. In cases when the body elicits too much collagen (these are the fundamental elements of wound healing), the formation of keloids is observed.

The professionals at Soul Derma also believe that Keloid can arise from any skin injury, be it an insect bite, acne, an injection, body piercing, burns, hair removal, and even minor scrapes and concussions. Periodically keloids form for no apparent reason. The cause might be due to hereditary components or dark skin complexion. Keloids that aren’t contagious or cancerous can be treated by well-experienced professionals of Soul Derma.

  • Keloids are most widespread in people with brown or black skin. However, the justification for this propensity is unknown.
  • Nose piercing can cause a keloid nose.
  • You’re more apt to cultivate a keloid if you’re between the ages of 20 and 30, despite being dependent on gender.

Treatment for Keloids

The judgment to treat a keloid can be a complicated one. Keloid scarring is the outcome of the body’s endeavour to rebuild itself. Subsequently eliminating the keloid, the scar tissue may accumulate back again, and periodically it accumulates back vaster than previously.

Initially, doctors of Soul Derma will possibly propose less-invasive treatments, such as silicone mats, anxiety dressings, or injections, particularly if the keloid scar is a moderately recent one. These treatments compel a systematic and careful petition to be beneficial.

Some other treatments that doctors of soul derma can recommend are :

  • Keloids surgery
  • Cryosurgery: Corticoid injections are preferred after surgery to reduce pain. 
  • The treatment for piercing bumps of the nose or ear can be treated with proper aftercare. 
  • Laser treatment for keloids.

When to see a Doctor

Timely medication can help underrate the expansion of a keloid. Speak with a doctor shortly after you glance at a keloid. If a person wants to rectify the one keloid that they had for a period, in such cases must consult with a doctor who specializes in skin problems (dermatologist) an expert dermatologist like Dr. Anika Goel of the Soul Derma clinic can be consulted.

Keloids uncovered on a joint might evolve into hard, tight tissue constraining movement.

Why Soul Derma Is the Best Option For Keloids Treatment

If you are suffering from Keloids and searching for good treatment with trusted, well-qualified, and experienced doctors at an affordable range in Delhi, book your appointment with Dr. Anika Goel now. The well-known cosmetic dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon will withstand all the expectations.


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