Open Pores

Open Pores Treatment in South Delhi

Visible pores are a bugbear of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Pores play a crucial role in making our skin healthy. Dr Anika Goel at Soul Derma provides the open pores treatment in South Delhi. Pores are invisible openings present on our skin.

Each pore comprises a hair follicle connected to sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands produce the body’s natural protective oil. Open pores refer to enlarged pores visible to the naked eye. Usually, enlarged pores are present on the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead.

This area is also known as the T-Zone of your face. Enlarged pores eventually accumulate oil, dead skin cells, dirt, and microorganisms.

Clogged pores oxidise and can cause blackheads and acne. Open pores are a severe cosmetic concern and can adversely affect your skin’s health. At Soul Derma, we offer the best customised open pores treatment in Greater Kailash, South Delhi.

Common Causes of Open and Enlarged Pores

Open and enlarged pores can happen because of the below-mentioned reasons.

  • Genetics 
    Your genes play a deciding role in affecting the pore size.
  • Oily Skin 
    The pores will open wide to drain excess oil when you have oily skin. But the pores will shrink after draining out excess oil.
  • Exposure to UV Rays 
    Excessive exposure to UV rays can make the pores appear more prominent. Usually, sun damage can thicken the skin, leading to enlarged pores.
  • Clogged Pores
    A large amount of dirt, oil, and bacteria clogged in the pores can make them appear enlarged. Dr Anika Goel, skin specialist in Greater Kailash, treats open pores on face with clinically-approved exfoliation processes.
  • Using Low-Quality Skincare Products
    Poor skin hygiene or wrong grooming products can increase the oil secretion from the pores. Using the right skincare products to address enlarged pores on the face is essential.

How can you Control Open and Enlarged Pores?

You can follow the below-mentioned strategies for open pores treatment at home.

  • Stay hydrated
  • When venturing out, apply sunscreen daily
  • Always use lukewarm water to wash your face
  • Use gentle exfoliation once a week to eliminate dead skin cells
  • Try to avoid oil-based makeup kits
  • Refrain from squeezing blackheads or pimples

At Soul Derma, Dr Anika Goel utilizes some of the best treatment procedures to remove enlarged pores. You can get the best open pores treatment in Greater Kailash only at Soul Derma.

Avail the Best Skin Treatment for Enlarged Pores

Our open pores removal treatment procedures are highly customised based on your needs. We can decrease the enlarged pores with advanced treatment procedures. Here is the list of skin treatment procedures we use for treating enlarged pores.

Medical Facials

Do you know that regular medical facials can decrease the size of enlarged pores? It is the best facial for open pores as the procedure has no downtime. At Soul Derma, we only use certified serums to unclog the pores of the face. They also stimulate the production of collagen in the facial skin.

Chemical Peels

Another effective treatment procedure to treat enlarged pores is chemical peels. In this treatment procedure, Dr Anika Goel applies a solution that profoundly exfoliates your skin. If you have large pores, then chemical peels are your best option.

Laser Resurfacing

At Soul Derma, we also rely on laser resurfacing to treat open and enlarged pores. Though used for acne and scar removal, laser resurfacing effectively tightens the pores. Our open pores on face treatment involve the use of a pulsed laser.

Enlarged pores can boost ageing and adversely affects your overall appearance.

To avail the benefits of open pores treatment or to know how much open pores treatment cost, please feel free to consult the experts at Soul Derma. 


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