Melasma Treatment in South Delhi

Get Customised Treatment for Melasma at Soul Derma

Melasma is one of the most common skincare issues that we treat at Soul Derma. Dr Anika Goel at Soul Derma offers specialised treatment procedures to treat melasma. Be it hormonal changes, contraceptive pills, or pregnancy; melasma is a form of pigmentation.

A lot of us with darker skin tones are prone to pigmented skin because of the higher concentration of melanin. At Soul Derma, we combine cosmetic and advanced treatments to decrease the appearance of melasma.

We offer highly customised melasma treatment in South Delhi to help you overcome pigmentation issues. Melasma can occur from UV exposure, pregnancy, hormonal changes, etc. Irrespective of the reason, Dr Anika Goel can effectively treat pigmentation issues on the skin.

How Melasma affects your Appearance Adversely?

Blue or grey-brown patches present on the face are commonly known as melasma. You should understand what melasma is to treat it effectively. At Soul Derma, Dr Anika Goel utilizes a wide range of treatment procedures to improve pigmentation issues on your facial skin.

Melasma is pretty standard in pregnant women due to hormonal imbalances. Moreover, the intensity of pigmentation increases in the summer due to UV rays. Soul Derma is one of the fewer clinics that use effective laser therapies to reduce pigmentation in your skin. 

Melasma Treatment in South Delhi : Melasma is one of the most common skincare issues that we treat at Soul Derma.

Hyperpigmentation and Melasma Treatment in South Delhi at our Clinic

Often Dr Anika Goel leverages topical treatments like hydroquinone and azelaic acid to treat hyperpigmentation. We also use topical bleaching creams to treat melasma on face. As exposure to the sun is a primary factor that boosts the growth of melasma, we recommend the proper use of SPF sunscreen.

As one of the best melasma treatment clinics in South Delhi, we offer various types of clinically-approved topical creams and serums. During your initial consultation, we’ll recommend the best solutions to treat melasma. So, avail the benefits of the best melasma treatment in South Delhi offered at Soul Derma.

How does Melasma Treatment work at our Clinic?

At Soul Derma Clinic, we believe in customising the melasma hyperpigmentation treatment for our patients.

  • After the initial consultation, Dr Anika Goel will customise your treatment.
  • In most cases, our treatment processes may comprise a combination of laser procedure and chemical peel.
  • We also use laser toning to effectively correct skin pigmentation.
  • As one of the best melasma treatment clinics in South Delhi, we use non-ablative lasers for proper skin toning.
  • Non-ablative lasers used by us can increase your body’s ability to produce collagen.

Use of Chemical Peels for Melasma Treatment in South Delhi

We also use chemical peels to treat pigmentation issues in your skin. Chemical peels comprising natural acids and fruits are ideal for blending pigmentation on the facial skin. The best treatment for melasma on face is chemical peels, which have no downtime.

It can also improve skin tone and texture. Chemical peels also boost the regeneration of cells. The treatment process involves the application of fruit acids to the face.

Note that fruit acids naturally exfoliate your skin and eliminate severe pigmentation. Our chemical peels contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that offer you optimal results. If you want to remove melasma dark patches on face, contact us at the earliest.

Laser Skin Resurfacing at our Clinic

Laser skin resurfacing is one of the best methods to treat stubborn melasma and pigmentation. We typically use a CO2 laser to stimulate the wound-healing process in your skin. As the skin heals, it produces new collagen that effectively removes pigmentation.

Reasons to choose Soul Derma for treating Pigmentation

Here are some reasons why you should choose us for treating pigmentation on face.

  • A vast range of treatments available for hyperpigmentation.
  • Treatment procedures for all types of pigmentation.
  • Experienced in treating pigmentation in all skin types.

To know the melasma treatment in South Delhi and it's cost, please feel free to consult the experts at Soul Derma Clinic.


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