Fungal Infection

Fungal Infection in South Delhi

A fungal infection is an inflammatory condition caused by a fungus. Most fungal infections are superficial, though persistent and difficult to eliminate. Dr Anika Goel, a leading fungal infection specialist in South Delhi, at Soul Derma specialises in providing expert antifungal treatment procedures.

Fungal infections are common and not serious when diagnosed and treated quickly. To diagnose fungal infections, you must consult an expert skin care specialist. Our fungal infection treatment in Delhi relies on customised approaches to eliminate fungus from the affected areas.

During your initial consultation, Dr Anika Goel will analyse the severity of the infection. Based on the findings, we will be able to establish an appropriate treatment program for you.

Treat Ringworm Effectively at Soul Derma

At Soul Derma, Dr Anika Goel has the expertise to treat and eliminate ringworm from your body. Ringworm treatment for humans depends on the location and severity of the infection. In most cases, we can treat ringworms with standard medications.

However, severe forms of ringworms require treatment with prescription antifungal drugs. We can treat ringworm on the skin like Tinea Cruris (Jock Itch) and Tinea Pedis (Athlete’s Foot) with prescription-based medications. Jock itch caused by Tinea Cruris is a severe fungal infection when left untreated. It usually affects men and can cause severe discomfort.

Who is at the Risk of Developing Fungal Infections?

Here is the list of individuals who are prone to fungal infections.

  • People with weakened immune systems are vulnerable to fungal infections. If you consume immunosuppressant medications, you’re at a higher risk of developing fungal infections.
  • People with excessive weight are prone to fungal infections.
  • If you’ve diabetes, you can develop fungal infections.
  • Consuming high-dose antibiotics can make you vulnerable to contracting fungal infections.

At Soul Derma, we offer customised and advanced antifungal treatment procedures. We often prescribe the best fungal infection cream to treat the affected area. Visit Soul Derma to avail the benefits of fungal infection in South Delhi. 

Our Approach to Treat Skin Fungus

We adopt a tailored approach while treating skin fungus. Treatment for skin fungus at our clinic includes:

  • Prescription antifungal creams
  • In case of severe infections, we prescribe oral medications that work faster
  • High-dose antifungal medicines

Dr Anika Goel at Soul Derma also uses laser to treat fungus on toenails.

Get Effective Treatment to Cure Ringworm on the Scalp in Delhi

Ringworm on the scalp is a severe skin problem. We treat ringworm on the scalp with prescription-based medications. Note that creams, lotions, or antifungal powders don’t work when you’ve ringworm on the scalp. You can contact us to know more about our ringworm treatment.

Opt for Laser Toenail Fungus Procedure at our Clinic

Dr Anika Goel specialises in providing laser procedure to treat toenails affected by fungus. Toenail fungus often thrives at the base of the nail. In most cases, oral medications and antifungal creams fail to show the desired results.

Toenail fungus procedure produces heat that kills fungus without affecting the surrounding area. With laser procedure, you can also experience healthy nail growth. Toenail fungus infection can often affect your mobility.

You will have difficulty moving around when there is a chronic infection. Laser procedure can completely eliminate the root cause of infection, helping you get back to your routine. The benefits of laser toenail fungus procedure are as follows.

  • Minimal downtime involved
  • It is a simple procedure
  • Little discomfort
  • The heat generated from laser beams can completely kill fungus
  • No side-effects
  • Quick recovery time
  • Faster outcomes       

To get an effective treatment for fungal infections, please feel free to consult the fungal infection specialists at Soul Derma Clinic. 


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